Creative Real Estate Consultants is a different kind of real estate company, and a different kind of consulting firm.

We help other real estate professionals with all of the things they don't like doing, can't find the time for, and don't want to hire an employee to do.

Non-competitive, fully confidential, high-value professional more ways than you can imagine.

Think of it as freelance help with your headaches.

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Who we are                  

Real estate is a demanding profession that demands professional results.  

Our consultants have distinguished themselves in the real estate industry by receiving the highest forms of education and training available, all while actively creating real deals and adding real value in the marketplace.  

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What we do, why, and how

From the smallest independent real estate shop to the largest, there are always things that should get done, and would get done, if only they could get done.  

CreativeRECon provides that extra assistance.  Consultants with actual real estate experience, who understand the same concepts and speak the same language, help real estate professionals across the country and around the globe complete the 'busywork' that is so essential to their success.

You could say that our specialty is whatever yours isn't...

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Where to contact us       

Strategically located just outside of Denver, CreativeRECon is able to take advantage of time zones and travel schedules to work effectively across the country and around the world.  

Our technology further reduces the distance to our clients and their projects.  

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